A Hole in My Heart


Release Date 2004-09-10
Age Rating

A Hole in My Heart

A Hole in My Heart is a 2004 Swedish experimental drama film written and directed by Lukas Moodysson, starring Thorsten Flinck, Sanna Bråding, Björn Almroth and Goran Marjanovic. The story revolves around a man who makes a pornographic film in his apartment with a friend and an attention-seeking starlet, while his teenage son stays in his room and listens to industrial rock. The film is notable for its explicit imagery, including close-ups of vaginal reconstruction surgery, an anal sex scene without the use of lubrication, a masturbation scene with a toothbrush, and an extended scene about the woman's "smelly vagina". Moodysson leaves the interpretation of the film to the viewer: "I have cooked you a delicious meal, but I'm not going to chew it for you."

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Actors & Characters

Thorsten Flinck Thorsten Flinck Rickard Rickard
Sanna Bråding Sanna Bråding Tess Tess
Goran Marjanovic Goran Marjanovic Geko Geko
Björn Almroth Björn Almroth Eric Eric


Malin Fornander Cinematography
Lukas Moodysson Cinematography
Jesper Kurlandsky Cinematography
Karl Strandlind Cinematography
Lukas Moodysson Director
Michal Leszczylowski Editor
Jesper Kurlandsky Music
Lars Jönsson Producer
Lukas Moodysson Writer