Magical Mystery Tour


Release Date 1967-12-26
Age Rating

Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour is a 53-minute long British television film starring the Beatles which originally aired on BBC1 on Boxing Day, 26 December 1967. Upon its initial showing, the film was poorly received by critics and audiences. The film received an American theatrical release in 1974 by New Line Cinema. and in select theatres worldwide in 2012 by Apple Films.

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Actors & Characters

John Lennon John Lennon
Paul McCartney Paul McCartney
George Harrison George Harrison
Ringo Starr Ringo Starr
Ivor Cutler Ivor Cutler
Mal Evans Mal Evans
Vivian Stanshall Vivian Stanshall
Victor Spinetti Victor Spinetti
Derek Royle Derek Royle
Magic Alex Magic Alex


Daniel Lacambre Cinematography
Paul McCartney Director
Bernard Knowles Director
John Lennon Director
The Beatles Music
Gavrik Losey Producer
Ringo Starr Producer
John Lennon Writer