Duck, You Sucker!


Release Date 1971-10-20
Age Rating

Duck, You Sucker!

Duck, You Sucker!, also known as A Fistful of Dynamite and Once Upon a Time… the Revolution, is a 1971 Italian Zapata Western film directed by Sergio Leone. The film stars Rod Steiger and James Coburn. It is the second part of a trilogy of epic Leone films including the previous Once Upon a Time in the West and the subsequent Once Upon a Time in America, released thirteen years later. The last western film directed by Leone, it is considered by some to be one of his most overlooked films.

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Actors & Characters

James Coburn James Coburn John H. Mallory John H. Mallory
Romolo Valli Romolo Valli Dr. Villega Dr. Villega
Rod Steiger Rod Steiger Juan Miranda Juan Miranda
Antoine Saint-John Antoine Saint-John Gutierez Gutierez
David Warbeck David Warbeck John's friend Sean Nolan John's friend Sean Nolan
Franco Graziosi Franco Graziosi Governor Jaime Governor Jaime
Rik Battaglia Rik Battaglia Santerna Santerna
Maria Monti Maria Monti Adelita Adelita
Giulio Battiferri Giulio Battiferri Miguel Miguel
Poldo Bendandi Poldo Bendandi Executed Revolutionary Executed Revolutionary


Giuseppe Ruzzolini Cinematography
Sergio Leone Director
Nino Baragli Editor
Ennio Morricone Music
Fulvio Morsella Producer
Sergio Leone Writer
Luciano Vincenzoni Writer
Sergio Donati Writer
Roberto De Leonardis Writer
Carlo Tritto Writer