Release Date 2006-11-30
Age Rating


.45 is an independent 2006 thriller film starring Milla Jovovich, Angus Macfadyen, Aisha Tyler, Stephen Dorff, and Sarah Strange. Gary Lennon, whose last feature was 1995's Drunks, wrote and directed the film. Variety describes the film as a "doublecross pic set in the underworld of Hell's Kitchen." .45 was released theatrically in Greece, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Mexico.

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Actors & Characters

Stephen Dorff Stephen Dorff Reilly Reilly
Dawn Greenhalgh Dawn Greenhalgh Fran Fran
Sarah Strange Sarah Strange Vic Vic
Milla Jovovich Milla Jovovich Kat Kat
Aisha Tyler Aisha Tyler Liz Liz
Vincent Laresca Vincent Laresca José José
Angus Macfadyen Angus Macfadyen Big Al Big Al
Nola Augustson Nola Augustson
Kay Hawtrey Kay Hawtrey
Shawn Campbell Shawn Campbell


Teodoro Maniaci Cinematography
Gary Lennon Director
Richard Nord Editor
William M. Anderson Editor
John Robert Wood Music
Timothy Fitzpatrick Music
David Bergstein Producer
Gary Lennon Writer