Fierce Creatures


Release Date 1997-01-23
Age Rating

Fierce Creatures

Fierce Creatures is a 1997 farcical comedy film. While not a direct sequel, Fierce Creatures is something of a spiritual successor to the 1988 film A Fish Called Wanda. Both films star John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline and Michael Palin. Fierce Creatures was written by John Cleese, and directed by Fred Schepisi and Robert Young. The film was dedicated to Gerald Durrell and Peter Cook. Some scenes were filmed at Jersey Zoo, a zoological park founded by Durrell.

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Actors & Characters

Jamie Lee Curtis Jamie Lee Curtis Willa Weston Willa Weston
John Cleese John Cleese Rollo Lee Rollo Lee
Kevin Kline Kevin Kline Vince McCain Vince McCain
Michael Palin Michael Palin Adrian 'Bugsy' Malone Adrian 'Bugsy' Malone
Robert Lindsay Robert Lindsay Sydney Lotterby Sydney Lotterby
Ronnie Corbett Ronnie Corbett Reggie Sea Lions Reggie Sea Lions
Derek Griffiths Derek Griffiths Garry Ungulates Garry Ungulates
Maria Aitken Maria Aitken Di Harding Di Harding
Carey Lowell Carey Lowell Cub Felines Cub Felines
Cynthia Cleese Cynthia Cleese Pip Small Mammals Pip Small Mammals


Adrian Biddle Cinematography
Ian Baker Cinematography
Fred Schepisi Director
Robert Young Director
Jerry Goldsmith Music
Michael Shamberg Producer
John Cleese Producer
Iain Johnstone Writer
John Cleese Writer