A Dog's Life


Release Date 1918-04-14
Age Rating

A Dog's Life

A Dog's Life is a silent film written, produced and directed by Charlie Chaplin. This was Chaplin's first film for First National Films. Chaplin plays opposite an animal as "co-star". "Scraps" was the hero in this film, as he helps Charlie and Edna toward a better life. Edna Purviance plays a dance hall singer and Charlie Chaplin, The Tramp. Sydney Chaplin had a small role in this film; this was the first time the two brothers were on screen together. Charles Lapworth, a former newspaper editor who had met Chaplin when he interviewed him, took a role as a consultant on the film.

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Actors & Characters

Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin
Edna Purviance Edna Purviance
Sydney Chaplin Sydney Chaplin
Henry Bergman Henry Bergman
Albert Austin Albert Austin
Charles Reisner Charles Reisner
Tom Wilson Tom Wilson


Roland Totheroh Cinematography
Charlie Chaplin Director
Charlie Chaplin Editor
The Chaplin Review Music
Charlie Chaplin Producer
Charlie Chaplin Writer