A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia


Release Date 1992-05-08
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A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia

A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia is a British 1992 television film depicting the experiences of T.E. Lawrence and Emir Feisal of the Hejaz at the Paris Peace Conference after the end of World War I. One of the conference's many concerns was determining the fates of territories formerly under the rule of the defeated Ottoman Empire. The film stars Ralph Fiennes as T.E. Lawrence, Alexander Siddig as Faisal, Denis Quilley as Lord Curzon and Nicholas Jones as Lord Dyson. It was mand by Anglia Films and Enigma Television, and was first screen on 18 April 1992 on the ITV network. The film was produced in 1990, a year after David Lean's 1962 film epic, Lawrence of Arabia, was re-released to cinemas. It serves as an unofficial sequel to that earlier film, as it depicts events that happened after the Great War. The film's screenplay was written by Tim Rose Price. Christopher Menaul directed the film. The film goes further than its predecessor in showing the effects of revisionist historians. It demonstrates contemporary concerns about British and international politics and ethnic conflict. It also explores further Lawrence's enigmatic personality and suggests more openly his alleged homosexuality.

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Actors & Characters

Ralph Fiennes Ralph Fiennes T. E. Lawrence T. E. Lawrence
Denis Quilley Denis Quilley
Alexander Siddig Alexander Siddig
Bernard Lloyd Bernard Lloyd
Nicholas Jones Nicholas Jones
Jim Carter Jim Carter
Paul Freeman Paul Freeman
Arnold Diamond Arnold Diamond
Peter Copley Peter Copley
Gillian Barge Gillian Barge


Christopher Menaul Director
Celia Bannerman Producer
Tim Rose Price Writer