It Runs in the Family


Release Date 1994-09-23
Age Rating

It Runs in the Family

It Runs in the Family is a 1994 film that follows the further adventures of Ralphie Parker and his family from the holiday hit A Christmas Story. Like the previous film, it is based on semi-autobiographical stories by Jean Shepherd, primarily from his book In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash. The opening of It Runs in the Family makes direct reference to the events of A Christmas Story, and the ending narration strongly parallels that of the earlier film. However, the sequel features a different cast, with two exceptions. Both movies feature Tedde Moore as Ralphie's teacher, Miss Shields, and Jean Shepherd as the narrator, the voice of the adult Ralphie. Charles Grodin stars as the Old Man, Mary Steenburgen plays Ralphie's mother, and Kieran Culkin plays Ralphie.

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Actors & Characters

Kieran Culkin Kieran Culkin Ralph 'Ralphie' Parker Ralph 'Ralphie' Parker
Charles Grodin Charles Grodin
Glenn Shadix Glenn Shadix
Troy Evans Troy Evans
Roy Brocksmith Roy Brocksmith
Dick O'Neill Dick O'Neill
Wayne Grace Wayne Grace
Christian Culkin Christian Culkin
Al Mancini Al Mancini
Mary Steenburgen Mary Steenburgen Mrs. Parker (Mother) Mrs. Parker (Mother)


Stephen M. Katz Cinematography
Bob Clark Director
Stan Cole Editor
Paul Zaza Music
René Dupont Producer
Jean Shepherd Writer
Bob Clark Writer
Leigh Brown Writer