A Canção de Lisboa


Release Date 1933-11-07
Age Rating

A Canção de Lisboa

A Canção de Lisboa is a Portuguese film comedy from 1933, directed by José Cottinelli Telmo, and starring Vasco Santana, Beatriz Costa, António Silva, Alfredo Silva, Ana Maria, Artur Rodrigues, Coralia Escobar, Eduardo Fernandes, Elvira Coutinho, Fernanda Campos, Francisco Costa, Henrique Alves, Ivone Fernandes, José Victor, Júlia da Assunção, Manoel de Oliveira, Manuel Santos Carvalho, Maria Albertina, Maria da Luz, Silvestre Alegrim, Sofia Santos, Teresa Gomes and Zizi Cosme. Director Manoel de Oliveira, who is still alive and active, had a minor role. It was the second Portuguese sound feature film. In fact, A Canção de Lisboa was the first sound feature fully produced in Portugal, in the labs of Lisboa Filme and with Tobis equipment. Among the team were some of the greatest names of Portuguese culture of the day, such as painter Carlos Botelho and the poet José Gomes Ferreira. Painter Almada Negreiros was the author of both promotional posters. A Canção de Lisboa is still one of the best loved films in Portugal, with several of its lines and songs still quoted.

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Actors & Characters

Maria Albertina Maria Albertina
Silvestre Alegrim Silvestre Alegrim
Henrique Alves Henrique Alves
Fernanda Campos Fernanda Campos
Zizi Cosme Zizi Cosme
Beatriz Costa Beatriz Costa Alice Alice
Francisco Costa Francisco Costa
Elvira Coutinho Elvira Coutinho
Júlia da Assunção Júlia da Assunção
Maria da Luz Maria da Luz


Henri Barreyre Cinematography
César de Sá Cinematography
José Cottinelli Telmo Director
Tonka Taldy Editor
Raul Ferrão Music
René Bohet Music
Jaime Silva Filho Music
Raúl Portela Music
João Ortigão Ramos Producer
José Cottinelli Telmo Writer