A Better Tomorrow


Release Date 1986-08-02
Age Rating

A Better Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow is a 1986 Hong Kong crime film directed by John Woo and starring Chow Yun-fat, Ti Lung and Leslie Cheung. The film had a profound influence on the Hong Kong film-making industry, and later on an international scale. Although it was produced with a tight budget and was relatively unknown until it went on screen, it broke Hong Kong's box office record and went on to become a blockbuster in Asian countries. It is highly regarded, ranking at #2 of the Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures. Its success also ensured the sequel A Better Tomorrow 2, also directed by Woo, and A Better Tomorrow 3: Love & Death in Saigon, a prequel directed by Tsui Hark.

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Actors & Characters

Chow Yun-Fat Chow Yun-Fat Mark 'Gor' Lee Mark 'Gor' Lee
Leslie Cheung Leslie Cheung Sung Tse-Kit Sung Tse-Kit
Ti Lung Ti Lung Sung Tse-Ho Sung Tse-Ho
Kenneth Tsang Kenneth Tsang Ken Ken
John Woo John Woo Inspector Wu Inspector Wu
Waise Lee Waise Lee Shing Shing
Emily Chu Emily Chu Jackie Jackie
Shing Fui-On Shing Fui-On Shing's right hand man Shing's right hand man
Chi Fai Chan Chi Fai Chan Little Wang Little Wang
Hing-Yin Kam Hing-Yin Kam Mr. Mok Mr. Mok


Wing-Hung Wong Cinematography
John Woo Director
Kam Ma Editor
David Wu Editor
David Wu Music
Joseph Koo Music
Tsui Hark Producer
John Woo Producer
Leung Suk-Wah Writer
John Woo Writer
Chan Hing-Ka Writer