Ikki Tenryou - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00

Ikki Tenryou

Ikki Tenryou (天領イッキ Tenryō Ikki), is a lively and easygoing boy, although a bit timid. At first Ikki is unable to afford a Medabot. But after finding a medal in a river, he manages to buy a model, which is named Metabee. However, the medal he found appears to be defective, as Metabee is stubborn and disobedient. In spite of this, a strong bond grows between them after several robattles. Though Ikki is not a full-fledged Medafighter, he gradually matures through the Robattles he engages in. He voiced by Samantha Reynolds in the English translation. From:Wikipedia

Appearing in

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Medarot Medarot Michiru Yamazaki Michiru Yamazaki
Medarot Medarot Yensi Rivero Yensi Rivero
Medarot Medarot Samantha Reynolds Samantha Reynolds
Medarot Damashii Medarot Damashii Leonardo Graziano Leonardo Graziano
Medarot Damashii Medarot Damashii Julie Lemieux Julie Lemieux
Medarot Damashii Medarot Damashii Michiru Yamazaki Michiru Yamazaki
Medarot Damashii Medarot Damashii Yensi Rivero Yensi Rivero
Medarot Damashii Medarot Damashii Susan Dalton Susan Dalton

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