Akira Udou - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00

Akira Udou

Akira Udou was the former leader of the Behemoth Team, once-powerful, D-class Storm Rider organization "Behemoth." Together with Agito, he was also once a member of the Wind SWAT team. Due to a series of unfortunate events, Akira turns on his former colleague and gains possession of the Fang Regalia until Agito retrieves it with the Kogarasumaru in a challenge. Nicknamed the "Chō Jyū" (超獣, Super Beast, i.e. Behemoth?), Akira is a fearsome opponent and is characterized by a large lion. He is highly skilled in the Bloody Road and was able to evolve the Leviathan Fang attack into a more deadly 'Gigaer Cross'. His elite AT skills and the ability to wield the Fang Regalia proves too much to handle even for Agito, the Fang King himself. In recent chapters, Akira is seen picking up Kazu while the latter was in ball mourning over Spitfire's death. However, the Takeuchi brothers make short work of him after Wind's attempts to capture them. He is present during Spitfire's video.

Appearing in

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