Tessai Tsukabishi - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00

Tessai Tsukabishi

Tessai Tsukabishi is a tall, muscular man working for Kisuke Urahara in his shop. In reality, just like his current boss, he is a Shinigami, who was once the Captain of the Kidō Corps. Like his good friend, Urahara, he was forced into exile, and currently hides in an untraceable gigai while helping out at Urahara Shop. Tessai is a quiet, stern, level-headed man who often acts as a source of discipline to Jinta's childish behavior, though he has his own sentimental side. He is quite loyal to Urahara and takes meticulous care of the shop, actually bursting into joyful tears if anyone compliments his work. Conversely, when Soifon snubs it, his instant reaction is extreme irritation. He is known to buy TV-displayed medicines, which do not always work or have unpleasant side affects, much to Urahara's chagrin. He is also among the few who find Orihime's strange food ideas tasty, the other being Rangiku Matsumoto. Tessai is a large, muscular dark-skinned man wearing square-shaped glasses and with an enormous handle-bar mustache. He is always seen in a white shirt with a blue apron, although during his time in soul society he wore an ornate dark robe over standard shinigami garb. In the past, Tessai was once the leader of the Kidō Corps in Soul Society. The reason of his exile to the Human World is for using a forbidden spell even though it was for an unsuccessful attempt to capture Aizen. Currently he works as Urahara's personal assistant in both business and other duties. He has apparently held a position among the Shinigami for quite some time, at least 200 years, since he informed Rukia Kuchiki that the word "Quincy" "brings back memories" from that long ago. Source: Blech Wiki

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