Izaemon Toudou - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00

Izaemon Toudou

Izaemon Toudou (藤堂 為左衛門, Tōdō Izaemon) was the 6th seat of the 9th Division in the Gotei 13 and served under his Captain Muguruma Kensei. Toudou wears his black hair in a high ponytail and wears some sort of headgear. He usually has a serious look on his face and dresses like the other members of the 9th Division, with the standard Shinigami uniform and a white jacket that he wears over his Shinigami uniform with a collar that reaches up to his neck. Toudou was first introduced when Muguruma Kensei and other high ranking seated officers of the 9th Division were sent to investigate the disappearance of the Rukongai residents. He and the other 9th Division members were seen saving a young Hisagi Shuuhei and his friends from a Hollow. After the battle, they learned from Kuna Mashiro (who was absent during the fight) that there were missing Shinigami as well. Kensei connected the number of empty shihakushou that Kuna found with the number of members in a vanguard that was sent to investigate earlier. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Kensei sent Toudou out to retrieve a researcher of the 12th Division to investigate the possibility of some pathogen being the cause. Toudou was able to successfully enter the 12th Division's lab and have Captain Urahara assign Lieutenant Hiyori to go help. Later in the night, he returned to the camp with Tousen Kaname, remarking on his lateness as Shinobu Eishima and Tousen stood guard outside. Toudou offered to take over guard duty watch from Tousen so that he could have a break, but Tousen refused, insisting that all three of them watched. While Lieutenant Kuna, Kensei and 3rd Seat Kasaki Heizou were resting, he and the other seated officers were attacked by someone. Kensei and Kasaki heard screams and rushed outside to find Toudou standing with the other two lying on the ground. Initially, due to his strange behavior, Kensei and Kasaki believed that Toudou was behind that attack, but this was disproved when he was also revealed to have been killed. (Source: Bleach Wikia)

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