Yoshino Souma - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00

Yoshino Souma

Yoshino is a slim woman with long brown hair. Yoshino claims to oppose her superior and lover, Jin Kariya. She resembles Uryū Ishida's mother in appearance, but it is stated that the Bounts can not produce life. Yoshino seems to be the exception to the rule, as it was stated that she could reproduce. Yoshino also bears a great resemblance to Rantao, the creator of the Bounts. The reason for their resemblance is because Yoshino is a copy of Rantao, since the Bounts are artificial souls that were created based on shinigami souls. She merges with Goethe after Kariya removes her seal, and dies when she is impaled through the chest by Kariya. [Wikipedia] During the initial fights with the bounts, she saves Uryu's life, which she claimed was to keep him from falling into the bount's hands. After several conversations together, they seem to become attracted to each other, but not quite to the point of romance. When Yoshino is stabbed by Kariya, Uryu arrives on the scene and holds her in his arms, begging her not to die. From his reactions, it is possible that Yoshino could be the first person Uryu ever fell in love with.

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