Kuukaku Shiba - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00

Kuukaku Shiba

Kūkaku (Born October 1) is an ill-tempered fireworks expert who is particularly known for her ridiculously-themed houses. During the Bount arc of the anime, she states that she is the same age as Kisuke Urahara. She wears a prosthetic right arm in the anime, which is at odds with her scenes in the manga, where she is illustrated with just a stump. She assists Ichigo and company by launching them via her special Kakaku Cannon so they can enter Seireitei. Kūkaku is part of the former noble clan Shiba. Prior to the storyline, a hollow fused with her older brother Kaien, which forced Rukia Kuchiki to kill him. She does not seem to be a shinigami, but she knows high level kidō, and she carries a short-bladed sword on her back. (source: wikipedia)

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