Misaomaru Kanonji - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00

Misaomaru Kanonji

Don Kanonji is a popular spirit medium who has a television show called Ghost Bust (English: "Spirit Hunter") that is watched by 25% of Japan's population. His catch phrases are "Smells like bad spirits!" and "Spirits are always with you" His show consists of getting rid of ghosts and sending their spirits to heaven. Kanonji's initial method of doing so forcefully turns souls into hollows, though he never realizes this. Ichigo Kurosaki informs him of his mistake, earning the title of "#1 Disciple" for his help. Since then Kanonji has appeared almost exclusively in omake chapters, where he is shown to have formed a hollow-fighting group called the Karakura Superheroes, which consists of the Kurosaki sisters and the children at the Urahara Shop, to get the show's declining ratings up. With their help and his "Golden Kanonball" (a tiny ball of golden light that moves slowly and explodes with surprising power), they have succeeded in keeping the hollow presence in Karakura Town to a minimum. He appears once more in the "Fake Karakura Town" arc when Aizen corners Tatsuki and her friends. Aside from amusing Aizen, he is of course useless, except for helping Tatsuki and her friends run away from Aizen, and that only happens after Rangiku screams at him and all but physically forces him to do so. Theme song: "L'Arlesienne Suite #2" by George Bizet

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