Kyouko Haida - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00

Kyouko Haida

First appearance in episode 261 of the anime. When Kyōko is first introduced, she is quiet and somewhat solitary. She is also athletic, able to play well in various sports. Kyōko is smart as well, as she is able to do well academically, even anticipating what content teachers may put on tests. Furthermore, she is very perceptive, as she knew that Orihime Inoue had unique powers before she displayed them in front of her. Kyōko has also been shown to be very lonely, as she was hurt from being alienated by Mai Suzuki, the only person she had ever considered her true friend. Afterwards, she felt that she would not be accepted by anyone. (Bleach wiki)

Appearing in

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