Kuugo Ginjou - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00

Kuugo Ginjou

Human/Fullbringer November 15 Scorpio 187 cm 90 kg AB Leader of Xcution, "Last Man Standing" by Bon Jovi Kuugo Ginjou is the leader of the mysterious organization, Xcution. Kuugo is a calm and cool-headed individual. He is quite manipulative, shown when he attempted to hire Ikumi Unagiya to do a background check on Isshin Kurosaki, intentionally doing so in front of Ichigo in order to get his attention. According to a member of his group, he is a charming individual that apparently talked them into following him. He claims that he carries ramen around with him because he likes it.

Appearing in

Bleach Bleach Travis Willingham Travis Willingham
Bleach Bleach Hiroki Touchi Hiroki Touchi