Rusaburou Enkougawa - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00

Rusaburou Enkougawa

Rusaburou Enkougawa (猿猴川流三郎, Enkōgawa Rusaburō), commonly called Enryuu (猿龍, Enryū), is an anime-only character introduced during the Kasumiouji Conspiracy. He is a silent, largely built man with a small mohawk shaped like a lightning bolt. He wears a light undergarment under his Shinigami uniform, as well as a pair of sunglasses. From the opening credits, it would seem that he has superhuman strength. Like Kenryuu, he is a servant of Rurichiyo Kasumiouji. He takes the responsibility of punishing anyone he believes to be being rude to their princess. It was possible that he is mute, because he has never been shown to speak, even when asking Kenryuu about Rurichiyo's location (he uses comical gestures to ask, which Kenryuu is able to understand) or releasing his zanpakutou. However, with Amagai's attack on Yamamoto, he is heard to have a highly squeaky voice so it is clear from his blush that he is self-conscious about his voice.

Appearing in

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