Neneko Izumi - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00

Neneko Izumi

Takeya's childhood friend. Incidentally, his landlord is also her father. Despite their constant bickering, the two are best friends, having known one another since childhood. Neneko generally serves as the balance and common sense of the duo, and often shows up during difficult situations that Takeya is too alarmed about to solve. She helps him out of tough times so often, in fact, that one wonders how he would ever get along without her. At the end of the manga, she reveals that she will be going to America to study fashion design. Near the end of the book she admits she has "unrequited love for Takeya", but she had to let him go. She also says she is unable to become Takeya's bride when they are in the classroom talking about their goals in life. (Source: Wikipedia)

Appearing in

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