Shader - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00


A female demon, one of the Sinners (Chrno?s former allies) that betrayed Pandaemonium. She is a very capable scientist, and she was the one who created the pocketwatch that seals Chrno?s powers. She loves kids and is a very cheerful and caring person, but despite this, she is very loyal to Aion. Though she doesn?t like the methods he uses to reach his goals, she sincerely believes in Aion's dream and obeys him nevertheless. She was a good friend of Magdalene and has a soft spot for Chrno. She doesn?t like to see him suffer, however, her strong loyalty towards Aion does not allow her to help him.

Appearing in

Chrno Crusade Chrno Crusade Kira Vincent-Davis Kira Vincent-Davis
Chrno Crusade Chrno Crusade Yuuko Sasamoto Yuuko Sasamoto
Chrno Crusade Chrno Crusade Yeo Jin Yun Yeo Jin Yun