Marehiko Itsuki - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00

Marehiko Itsuki

Rokkaku Chuu 3rd Year Birthday: 31th August (Virgo) Height: 175cm Blood Type: AB Dominant Hand: Right Play Style: Counter Puncher Shoes: asics (RED) EXCOURT II (TLL628) Racket: Racket made by Oji Special Move: Using his nose to blow away dust Hobby: Sea Activities Family: Father, Mother, Older Brother, Older Sister, Younger Sister Father's occupation: Self-employed (Cafe) Favourite Subject: Culinary, Japanese Favourite Colour: Pale Blue Preferred type: Girls that like sea activities (Hope to collect shells together) Itsuki gives the impression that he is never satisfied with what he knows, so he keeps asking questions, although it seems that he asks things for no reason at all. Despite his personality, Itsuki is indeed a very powerful player, and it was showned in the anime wherein he manages to seal Fuji Syuusuke's counter. Aside from playing tennis, Itsuki enjoys the beach, particularly picking up seashells.

Appearing in

Prince of Tennis Prince of Tennis Takehiro Hasu Takehiro Hasu
Prince of Tennis: The National Tournament Prince of Tennis: The National Tournament Takehiro Hasu Takehiro Hasu