Jirocho Wasabi - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00

Jirocho Wasabi

Jirocho Wasabi is the head of the Wasabi clan in the Land of Tea, which is a clan warring with the nearby Wagarashi clan. He is depicted as kind, sympathetic, and honest, in contrast to the Wagarashi clan's leader, Kiroku Wagarashi, who is dishonest and manipulative. Jirocho is also an old friend of Tsunade's when he appeared to tell Senta and Bunzou that Tsunade's debt to the Akagi family was paid. He apparently took in Idate Morino after finding him on the streets. While Idate was racing, he expressed great faith in Idate, even to the extent of betting his own life.

Appearing in

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