Gatou - Vulah


Gender Unknown
Birth Date 0000-00-00


Gatou was a shipping magnate and founder of Gatō Company. He also was secretly a drug dealer as well as the owner of a smuggling business and attempted to take control of the Land of Waves. Manga Debut: Chapter #10 Anime Debut: Naruto Episode #6 (source: Narutopedia)

Appearing in

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Naruto Naruto Naoki Bando Naoki Bando
Naruto Naruto Peppino Capotondi Peppino Capotondi
Naruto: Shippuuden Naruto: Shippuuden Naoki Bando Naoki Bando
Naruto: Shippuuden Naruto: Shippuuden Peppino Capotondi Peppino Capotondi