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Sir Guy of Gisborne

Sir Guy of Gisborne is a fictional character in the BBC television drama series, Robin Hood, based on a minor figure in Robin Hood folklore. Played by Richard Armitage, Guy is a complicated and conflicted character who starts out as a straight-out villain but then shows more complex qualities, and achieves redemption by the end of the series. While the legend's Guy of Gisborne is merely a bounty hunter sent after Robin Hood, apparently by the Sheriff of Nottingham, and killed by Robin after an archery contest between the two, the BBC series, like some previous versions of the Robin Hood legend, makes Gisborne one of the hero's principal adversaries. A dark, brooding man always clad in black leather, Gisborne is the lieutenant to the Sheriff of Nottingham. At the series' start, he also manages the Locksley estate in Robin's absence; he is reluctant to relinquish control over it and then takes satisfaction in being named its permanent lord after Robin is outlawed, since he himself has no land to go with his title and has an acute sense of inferiority over this fact.

Appearing in

The Adventures of Robin Hood The Adventures of Robin Hood Basil Rathbone Basil Rathbone