Stratos 4 Advance Kanketsu-hen

Alternative titles

Language Titles
English Stratos 4 Advance Kanketsu-hen
Japanese ストラトス・フォー アドヴァンス 完結編


Type OVA
Status Finished Airing
Started 2006-09-22
Ended 2006-10-22
Episodes 2

Stratos 4 Advance Kanketsu-hen

Crisis befalls the main characters and the Earth as well! How do they deal with the conspiracies that they have uncovered, while protecting the Earth too? (And what happens to the cliffhanger at the end of the previous episode?) In these final two episodes of Stratos 4 Advance are the exciting conclusion to the whole Stratos 4 series. The main characters will have to draw on all the resources they have, their friends and allies and their own sheer force of will, to "bring tomorrow to Earth," as one of the characters puts it.

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