Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe

Alternative titles

Language Titles
English Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe
Japanese 吟遊黙示録 マイネリーベ


Type TV Series
Status Finished Airing
Started 2004-11-04
Ended 2005-02-03
Episodes 13

Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe

The first season begins with introducing the characters, their past and their ambitions. Orpherus, Eduard, Camus, Lui and Naoji are five noblemen who attend the prestigious Rozenstolz academy, and who are a part of the Strahl class – a class for potential candidates for the advisory positions in the royal palace in the small European country of Kuchen. Isaac is an English writer who visits Kuchen. While still students, the five noblemen are forced to deal with corrupted politicians, secret agents, attempted murder and ambitious individuals from both inside and outside of school who threatens to break the fragile peace in their country, and even assassinate the king.

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