Triangle Heart: Sweet Songs Forever

Alternative titles

Language Titles
English Triangle Heart: Sweet Songs Forever
Japanese とらいあんぐるハート -Sweet Songs Forever-


Type OVA
Status Finished Airing
Started 2003-07-24
Ended 2003-12-26
Episodes 4

Triangle Heart: Sweet Songs Forever

Fiasse is a world-renowned singer. She is now the headmistress of a special Singing School who does a Charity World Tour every year. Her mother left behind a inheritance for her after she died and some shady people are after Fiasse and the inheritance. Bring in Ellis, and two siblings who are master of the swords to protect Fiasse. The World Tour is coming up and Fiasse will continue the show. Ellis, Kyoya, Miyuki and company must protect their childhood friend at all costs. (Source: ANN)

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