Japanese for Busy People (pdf)

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Japanese for Busy People - (Revised Edition)
"The new version of the most effective course of spoken, everyday Japanese"


Format: PDF
Size: 18,5 MB
Page: 227


Japanese for Busy People - Kana Workbook


Format: PDF
Size: 10,5 MB (in ZIP 6 MB)
Page: 77



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    I've bought the first one and I have to say that it has its pros and cons.
    It is a very good way to get started, since everything is in romaji you can learn words very fast.
    However, once you learn hiragana and katakana, you dont want to be reading romaji, since the words wont look familiar anymore once you see them in hiragana or katakana.
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    Thanks. I will try it :)
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    thanks this is very helpful
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    A mirror, including the MP3 files if I remember correctly on mediafire. I will try and get the other two volumes uploaded at some point.

    [CENTER]Japanese for Busy People 1


    [CENTER]Information: Aims to guide readers to a fluent use of the Japanese language. Placing emphasis on language as spoken between educated adults, the integrated approach of the course increases speed of comprehension. This first volume teaches the basics for communication, providing a foundation for further study.[/CENTER]

    [CENTER] Mediafire


    I can not remember if the following is the correct workbooks that go with it

    Some random work books I found on my harddrive

    Katakana Workbook
    Hiragana Workbook
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    is it really good?
    I only know some japanese words from anime and dorama...
    so i really like to learn Japanese the correct way but don't have the time

    Thanks anyway for the share:nihonjin:
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    This is really helpfull.
    I've been trying to learn some japanese from anime.
    But that simply isn't enough.
    I hope this will help me further my knowledge of japanese language!
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    Thank for sharing.
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    thanks for sharing
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    Thank for share!:cracker:
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